About Us

We have an innate need to put good into the world.  We can feel it in our hearts and in our bones.  We believe in creating products that inspire family togetherness.  There is no greater bond than family and no greater gift than time.  We believe in empowering children.  They are the future and our greatest hope.  We believe in sustainability.  Quality is not an option, it’s a responsibility.  We believe in community.  We all do better when surrounded by support and kindness.  We believe in authenticity.  Come as you are.  No judgement.  


We are big dreamers.  We are givers.  We are movers and shakers.  We are forging our own path and we go big.  We are thinkers.  We are planners.  We are mindful and we care for ourselves and others.  We have fun and we laugh.  We travel and explore.  Abbey’s house is not only a brand, it’s who we are.

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